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Material Safety Data Sheet    Helmer Kaolin Clay

                                            SECTION I

PRODUCT TYPE                                        SEDIMENTARY CLAY


ASSOCIATED COMPOUNDS  Fe2O3 < 2%     K2O < 2%    TiO2 < 2%


                                        SECTION II


CHEMICAL                            TLV-TLW                                    CAS #

Quartz (SiO2) Silica < 2%   0.01 mg/cubic meter respirable dust*   14808-60-7

*Source: American Conference of  Governmental Hygienists,  1989-1990


                                                               SECTION III

                                    PHYSICAL DATA

Solubility in water: slight   Appearance and odor:  Gray granular  :  no odor

Specific gravity: Not applicable  Melting Point >3400 degrees Fahrenheit (PCE cone 34)


                                                SECTION IV

                            FIRE AND EXPLOSION HAZARD DANGER

This product is not combustible in any form and will not support combustion.


                                    SECTION V

                            HEALTH HAZARD DATA

Effects of Overexposure:                                    Emergency and First Aid Procedures:

Eyes: Acute: Mechanical Irritation                        rinse with water, see doctor if needed

        Chronic: None Known

Skin: Acute: None Known                                    None

        Chronic: None Known

Lungs: Acute: May cause mechanical irritation     Remove to fresh air, see doctor if needed

            Chronic: May cause lung damage

Ingestion: Acute: Not Known                                Contact doctor and follow instructions

               Chronic: Not Known


                                                SECTION VI

                                               Reactivity Data

Product is stable and has no known incompatibilities with other materials and does not form hazardous polymers.


                                                SECTION VII

                                            Spill or Leak Procedures

This product may be disposed of in an approved landfill in accordance with local, state and Federal regulations. Collection method, sweep, shovel or vacuum (HEPA  filter vacuum)


                                            SECTION VIII

                                Special Protection Information

Use a NIOSH approved respirator when dust is present. General mechanical ventilation is adequate in most cases. Eye protection is optional. No other protection is needed.


                                            SECTION IX

                                        Special Precautions

WARNING!  Although the free silica content is < 2%, repeated and prolonged exposure to any dust can cause lung damage and this product is no exception. The hazards can be virtually eliminated by good housekeeping and following the rules below:

    1.Since the wet form of the clay is dustless, flood areas to be cleaned gently with water and either wet broom, squeegee, or wet vacuum the water away. Clean often.

    2. Aprons and towels should be changed frequently during the day since the clay dries on them and when they are used, they flex causing the clay to then become airborne.

    3. Keep clay and glaze mixing areas separate from the rest of the studio and provide good ventilation to the clay and glaze mixing areas.

    4. Institute a regular cleaning schedule for the rest of the studio areas so that shelves and ware boards are washed outside regularly. As part of this program, place clean mirror tile sections throughout your work areas and monitor them often to see how quickly they become dusty. If they are dusty within a few days, you need to improve your houskeeping.

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