Wendt Pottery Cast Line Page 2016

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Cast Line  (mugs, heart dishes, corn bread pans, coasters, spoon rests, bells and humming bird feeders)

These items are slip cast using the same porcelain clay body as the rest of our work. They are all our own original designs and the molds were made by me from our own wheel thrown or hand sculpted originals. In the case of the coffee mugs, casting has helped us keep the cost in a more affordable range. The other shapes just lend themselves better to casting than any other method.

    CF style mug                                  Heart dish


     CF mug 4.2" h X 3.5" w 12 oz $16.50

 wt 2 lbs          heart dish 5.5" X 5.5" X 1.5"  $15.00 wt 2 lbs

Corn bread baking pan                        Cast coasters for glasses or cups

Cornbread pan, oven safe, not for range top or flame use.           Coasters  4.5" dia. X 1" h  $6.75  wt. 1 lb


7.5" X 7.5" X 2" plus 3.5" handle  $25.00  wt 4 lbs

Spoon rests               Small and larges wind bells   Humming bird feeders


Spoon rest 2.5" w X 5" l                       sm bell 3 " w X 3" h  $10.00 wt 1 lb                                  Humming bird feeder 3.5" w X 8" h

$12.00 wt 2 lbs                                    lg bell 4.5" w X 6" h $20.00 wt 3 lbs                                 $22.00  wt  4 lbs

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