Who I am and what I love to do

I love to make things and I really love to teach people how to throw on the wheel.

Here I am teaching a class for people attending the annual PIE Conference in Lewiston.. Teachers get 2 credits toward the 6 credit requirement to keep a teaching certificate valid in the State of Idaho.

Right now I am doing new flooring work on my living quarters.

Here I am in the bedroom across the hall and right now it is full of everything that has been removed from the  main living area. As a result, I am floor camping... not really all that bad.

Moving the last few things.


This is the main living and dining area I am re-flooring. It needs it!

As you can see, it has gone well. I am nearly half done.

Here's the view from the other direction.

The whole area is a mass of beautiful erosion cuts dropping 2000 feet or more from the rolling Palouse Hills on top to the great Clearwater and Snake River systems that feed to the mighty Columbia river just south of Pasco, Washington.

At night, the trains rumble and shake the ground. Once you are used to it is soothing. I still remember the first few nights in the beach house on Kauai's far northern shore as the surf crashed out on the reef... it seemed so loud but after I got used to it, it lulled me to sleep. Wonderful!

Photos date from September 15, 2013

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