Helmer Kaolin Formulas




Prepared by: Michael Wendt

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Body Formula for cone 10 white Porcelain

Helmer Air Float          143

O M 4 Ball Clay               7

Custer Feldspar              38

Nepheline Syenite           38                    

200 mesh silica               75

Blend 0.75 lbs VeeGum T with 4 gallons of warm water and let sit over night

Blend 16 oz DR 10 flocculant with 4 gallons of water and add this to the mix

before adding the VeeGum T mixture.

Add more water as required to make the mixture suitable for your purpose.

(to make a lower cone body, replace some of the spar with Neph Sye)

Cone 10 White mat

Helmer                        43.5

Dolomite                    26.3

Custerspar                 22.5

200 mesh silica          7.7

for white add 10% Superpax, for tan add 10% Superpax + 5% Titanium Dioxide to speckle, add any local screened scoria type rock screened 35 mesh... test, test, test!