Wendt Pottery Laboratory Services Page 2014

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Basic services offered are:

1. Clay testing: Clay assessment for firing temperature range, porosity, linear shrinkage, forming character, wet screen analysis, glaze fit. Fees are billed at $50.00 per hour with a $10.00 minimum charge.

2. Small run milling. I currently have a 12" hammer mill which can reduce most materials to a fine powder in one pass, plus dry screening capabilities so you can assess the usefulness of local materials in batches large enough to permit full scale testing. Fees are billed at $50.00 per hour with a $10.00 minimum charge.

3. Chemical analyses: Material bulk chemistry determined by XRF. Sample requirements are small and  costs $30.00 per set of samples run plus $30.00 per each sample submitted. If the pricing changes, you will be notified before any work is performed and allowed to withdraw your analysis request.

4. Projected future services: Dilatometry to determine the coefficient of thermal expansion of your clay body. The dilatometer is currently being test calibrated for accuracy but is nearly ready for use. If needed, I can get a jaw crusher for medium to hard minerals and a 48" ball mill which would allow fine milling of materials like Feldspars for glazes. I will not offer these services unless the demand materializes.

5. Clay softness testing now available. Let us give you the yield value of your clay body. Call for details about this service.

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