Pugmill Cleaning Procedure

Changing clay color need not be a major problem!  I recommend the construction of castered carts to support each mill component. That way, assembly and disassembly are made easier because the alignment only depends on rolling the part in to place.

Here you see the ease with which my pugmill can be cleaned. I disassemble, let dry and then hose it down outside so that it always starts clean.


Above is the auger for the deairing chamber. The large disk at the back is welded to a half auger flight to assure the clay does not get into the vacuum line. Above right is the feed auger which has generous spaces between the blades to assure easy feeding during pugging.

Notice how clean it is now that it is washed. Going from red clay to porcelain, I would wipe down all surfaces with a white towel to assure they are really clean.

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