Wendt Super Portable Raku Kiln

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Made from a 14" x 24" galvanized duct section lined with a 10" ID ceramic tube overwrapped with Kaowool fiber refractory

Heat is supplied by a standard Bunsen burner pop riveted to a metal stand with a light weight aluminum heat shield to protect the propane hose from radiant heat.

This type of burner has very low turndown capabilities to allow fine temperature control.

The lid is also Kaowool and the damper (not shown) is merely a small square of Kaowool to keep the heat in after the kiln is shut off.

The hole in the lid allows a 12" thermocouple probe to be inserted to measure the temperature.


This top view shows the bottom of the kiln which is made from standard soft insulating firebricks cut to shape and equipped with a tangential single inlet port which swirls the flame in spiral fashion up the wall of the kiln to heat the contents.

Here is a closer view of the burner port and stand that shows the simple design concept. Notice the legs hold the kiln about 3" off the floor to prevent fires.